Why Choose Amaka Portal?

Amaka Portal, your gateway to affordable housing, transforms your home ownership aspiration into a tangible reality. Here's what makes the portal your trusted partner in securing your dream home:

Affordability: Making Homeownership a Reality

The Amaka Portal provides access to affordable housing finance, with minimum contributions starting at Kshs. 500 per month.

Convenience: Your Homeownership Journey at Your Fingertips

Register for the Tenant Purchase Scheme (TPS) and make contributions to the Housing Savings and Ownership Plan (HOSP) online.

Security: Protecting Your Financial Future

The Amaka Portal uses a secure payment processing system to protect your financial information.

Transparency: Clarity at Every Step

The Amaka Portal provides clear and concise information about its services and fees.

Rent To Own:
Tenant Purchase Scheme (TPS)

Would you like to redirect your monthly rent to paying toward owning your dream home?

  • The AMAKA Tenant Purchase Scheme (TPS) is a privately issued solution to qualified buyers who have raised the house deposit and have passed the credit appraisal.
  • You’ll commence the TPS payment (Rent-to-Own plan) on a monthly basis once you take occupancy of the house, to clear the balance.
  • We aim to match the rent of the area with the monthly payment for the unit you purchase.

To safeguard buyers/investors, payments are only made to the developer upon satisfactory unit completion and transfer of title. The house ownership is transferred to the buyer at the completion of payment of the house.

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